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"I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued" ~ Brené Brown

Connect Coaching

Connect Coaching UK offers coaching for individuals. I focus on supporting each individual to find their potential and build expertise. I facilitate new procedures and practices to aid the development of skills and competencies. I assist and empower individuals to achieve their goals and desired outcomes. I see coaching as proactive, supportive and challenging. I help you:

My role is enthusiastic, supportive and proactive.

I offer coaching in London and Cornwall and also via Skype for those individuals who live in other areas.


The future in the present

present moment
Present Moment

At Connect Coaching UK I will focus on your needs, interests and values to empower you. I offer an action-oriented, future-focused process that is aimed at getting results in the now.

Strategic Awarenesss

Goal setting and strategy are key concepts to allow leaders to seize and develop new possibilities. Connect Coaching offers a space where new ideas and innovation can be generated and provide tools to help contextual awareness.

Confident Commitment

My coaching style is characterised by commitment and encourages action by helping you develop your skills, now. I focus on establishing your goals; finding inspirational routes for high achievement; providing tools to motivate sustainable focus; energising management strategies for continued success.

Continued Competence

Maintaining competence and leadership requires continued attention to relationship. At Connect Coaching I provide enduring and established relating techniques to allow continued proficiency, high capability and a capacity for prolonged authority.

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Our main premises are in Redruth

Directions and more details can be provided upon request.

Connect Coaching
Heather Mullin
Heather Mullin, Director

T: +44 (0) 777 577 8470